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Call For Applications for IISE 2011 Program

International Institute for Social Entrepeneurs (IISE)

Do you have a dream of starting and leading your own social project?
Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others?
If your answer is yes, then The International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE)
in Kerala, India, is the study program for you.

Taught by international experts in the field of management and social
entrepreneurship, IISE empowers visionaries who are blind or partially sighted to set
up projects across the world that address the needs of the underprivileged. IISE
participants are challenged to become individuals whose skills, integrity and
leadership qualities prepare them to become effective and distinguished social
entrepreneurs in their communities and in the world.

IISE is seeking highly motivated and committed candidates who have overcome
obstacles in their life, have an interest in learning and working with different cultures,
and who have a dream to realize. If you are twenty-two years or older and can
speak, read and write English, you are invited to apply for this one-year scholarshipbased

Leadership, management, public speaking and fund raising are some of the skills
you will learn. This hands-on program includes an internship which provides practical
real-world experience.

You will leave IISE with all the skills necessary to be able to set up your own social

Join IISE and impact your future and that of others.

Visit and/or email your inquiries to .

You may also fax us your questions at 0031848307904 or write us via regular post

Braille Without Borders
International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs
c/o P. Kronenberg
Vivekanenda Nagar, Vellayani, Ookode, Nemom PO,
TRV 695020

Deadline for applications for the 2011 course is the 30th of May, 2010.

IISE is a unique institution with a distinctive philosophy, which cannot be compared
to a university or other conventional academic entities. The institute is an think and
action tank, where talented visionaries like yourself come from all over the world to
exchange knowledge and experience, to work together as a team in the realization of
their visions and dreams.

Every IISE participant is an active, contributing, independent, self-confident and
skilled adult visionary, possessing expertise in different fields. You, as a potential
participant, are therefore not coming to IISE as a student, but as an expert. Our
expectation of your participation and commitment to our programme is therefore very
high. To this end, before proceeding to the application process, we want you to ask
yourself the following questions:

- Am I willing to spend 11 months of my life in a developing country working
intensively in the pursuit of my social entrepreneurship/leadership skills?
- Am I willing to participate in all activities giving every time the best of my
knowledge, experience, creativity, and energy?
- Am I willing to help others achieve their goals and develop their skills in areas I
consider myself an expert?
- Am I willing to come to the Institute with a spirit of exchange, contribution and
- Am I one hundred percent committed to making my goals, dreams, vision and
social project come true, continuing even after I complete the program?
If you answered YES to all the above questions, then you are the right candidate and
we would encourage you to apply for the IISE program.

Please find here the application form:


Please copy the text below in a Word or Open Office document.
Answer the questions in your own words.
Email the application form with your CV to:
On the Subject line, type: "application" and your full name.

First name
Date of Birth
Postal code
Any form of disability
Are you visually impaired
- If yes, Gradation of blindness
- Other disability
- No disability
Language skills
Highest Level of Education

Please send two letters of recommendation, preferably from a present or former
employer, teacher or colleagues, which include their contact details (E-mail and phonenumbers).

Limit your answers to the following questions to one to two sentences:
1. For which academic training year in Kerala are you applying for? You may apply
for 2011, or for any of the years after.
2. What is your current profession?
3. Braille Language Skills: English and Local Braille
Braille Level: Grade 1, Grade 2
4. Languages Spoken with level: (basic, intermediate and fluent)
Reading Level:
Writing Level:
5. How do you judge your mobility and orientation skills?
6. Do you use computer technology? If yes, what are your skills? What programmes
do you use?

7. Please tell us your reason(s) for applying for the IISE Programme in Kerala:
Elaborate on your idea or vision of setting up your own social project or improving on
an existing one. (The text should be written in essay form, minimum one and a half to maximum two and a half A4 size pages, font size 12)

Include the following details:
- What is your motivation?
- Why are you the one who can realize your planned project?
- What challenges did you overcome in life?
- Where do you plan to set up your project?
- What target group will benefit?
- How long do you think it will take to set up your idea/vision?
- What are the reasons that make your idea important?
- How will you achieve your vision?
- What help will you need? Who can help? What resources will you need?
- Where would you find funding?
We look forward to hearing from you!

Deadline for applications for 2011 is May 30th, 2010.

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